Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Week 5 assignment paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Week 5 assignment paper - Essay ExampleThese principles and approaches are usable guides to designing training programs to reduce or eliminate discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice. The best methods that are adopted are those which address behaviour modification, such as workshops and sensitivity seminars, authority playing, and group dynamics. These should be followed on the job with the formation of multicultural teams and fostering collaboration among groups to attain a common goal.There are a heavy(p) variety of training strategies targeted at reducing discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes, which are guided by a basic set of principles. Thirteen principles were articulated by a group of renowned researchers commissioned by the Carnegie Corporation in 1995, with the task of providing guidelines for action to strategy developers in improving intergroup relations (Teaching Tolerance, 2012). The first of these is that strategies should address twain institutional and in dividual sources of prejudice. Strategists make the mistake of directing training and methods to address personal prejudices without providing a remedy for organizational or institutional policies that are discriminatory. The second gear is strategies should change port and motivation, not just inform. Too many training programs stop at providing lectures and seminars that cater to the intellect, but do nothing to transform the behavior and personal outlook of the individual. The fifth in the series is that strategies should have the support and participation of those with power and authority in the organization. Effective programs are those which enjoy the stock warrant of top management, because managerial backing minimizes resistance and facilitates resource availability.According to the Denver Foundation (2012), inclusivity training can assume any of three approaches the intercultural/valuing differences approach (emphasizing and discretion intergroup differences, and celebr ating them together),

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