Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Process of Leadership and Potential of the Organisation Essay - 3

The Process of Leadership and Potential of the Organisation - Essay ExampleAccording to Hall et al. (2013), the role of a manager in the workplace is leadership. Because of globalization and liberalization, competition in the market is getting intensified as time goes on. Traditional management and leadership principles may not be consequenceive at present since the needs of the organization and that of the employees atomic number 18 changing constantly. It should be noted that the ultimate success of an organization rests in the hands of the employees since employees argon responsible for the mobilization of organizational resources. It is the duty of the leader to address the needs of all the employees properly to lead the organization towards success. Modern organizations are functioning cross-culturally and these organizations are keen on keeping a diverse workforce. The needs of diverse employees could be different. No two individuals are a manage therefore it would be baffl ing for a leader to use same management style to motivate two different employees. Same way, it would be difficult for a leader to instrument same management strategies in different industries since the requirements of different industries could be different. In short, the process of leadership is not homogenous in all contexts.At present these companies are struggling for existence because of the leadership failures in their organizations. It would be difficult for modern organizations to stay competitive without processes like innovation, change management and knowledge management etc like modern management principles. Leadership is responsible to implement these things in organizations. The introduction of Apple Inc.s innovative touchscreen phone (iPhone) at the beginning of 2000 has changed the complexion of the superior tech market. Samsung has immediately followed the footsteps of Apple Inc. while others failed to adapt to the situations properly. At present Samsung is compe ting for the neck to neck with Apple Inc in the high tech industries whereas others struggling for survival. The problems in the leadership approach were the major reasons for failures in Nokia like companies. Leadership Approach According to Herbert Henkel, chairman, and chief operating officer of Ingersoll Rand, the ability of a leader to question the halo effect determines the success and failure of the organization which he leads (Carey et al., 2009). For example, in 80s and 90s Apple Computers was struggling for survival. The competition from arch-rival Microsoft was immense for Apple. Steve Job, the former CEO of Apple Computers trenchant to make some changes in Apples business strategies. Instead of concentrating more on computer and OS market, he decided to concentrate more on consumer electronics market. As a result of that, he was able to introduce a series of innovative products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc at the beginning of 2000.

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