Friday, June 14, 2019

Representation and Stereotype of Women in Video Games Dissertation

Representation and Stereotype of Women in Video Games - Dissertation ExampleThe portrayal of the charr in video games has always been a controversial topic. It is controversial because it reflects the negative sides of the woman. It is the major claim of those who protest against the stereotype of women that in video games women are presented in an unrealistic and exaggerated manner. The video games mostly contain the violence and sex together. The women are generally represented as a hyper-sexual character. The content of the dissertation indeed shows that the girls as well as women are based on gender-stereotyped. Hence, it is quite common to see a woman with a representative figure and skin color and in a tight outfit. Keywords videogames, women, portrayal, unrealistic hypersexual Executive Summary This paper is based on the stereotype presentation of the women in video games. Womens stick out in all types of media has always been just a sex symbol. Whatever the media would be , much(prenominal) as television, advertisements or any type of magazines and newspaper, the women cannot come out of the typical periphery which is drawn for them by the male dominated society. In media they are sometimes shown in a very humiliating manner. This enquiry has discussed thoroughly on the same issue. The research paper is divided into four different chapters. First chapter is associated with problems and its setting. The researcher decided this kind of subject out of the concern of the portrayal of women in video games and their impact on the society, especially the adolescent young boys around whom the entire video industry is revolving. The women in video games are far from existence from all points of view such as their physical appearance and the role they played in the game. In the first chapter the introduction around the topic is given. thus the researcher has designed the problem related questions for discussion. There are five research questions to be dis cussed. The researcher then discusses about the entailment of the problem and significance of his research. The researcher here has discussed about the usefulness of his research in finding out the problem. In the next section the researcher deals with the significance of the study. For any research to be reached to its conclusion the hypotheses are necessary to form so that it can give a proper direction for the research. Here the researcher has taken the possibleness that still the image of women in video games is stereotype and it has not changed. The women are shown either as a sex symbol or a dormant and distressed object. After that the researcher discusses the scope of the study. There are many new concepts in the research paper so it is necessary to mention the rendering of the terms used in the research paper. Here the researcher has given the definitions of various terms used in the research paper. The second chapter deals with the literature review. For the research i t is very necessary to find out the related documents or any existing theory which can support the ideas of the researcher. The references have been collected from various sources such as books written on this same topic. Apart from that some previous research papers, articles, blogs, websites etc are also referred. The researcher has given thorough information about the collection and information which has been collected by the above mentioned sources. In the third chapter, the

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