Thursday, June 13, 2019

Movie Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Movie - Research Paper ExampleHe used to telefax letters for the warden as well as the other staff. Before coming to prison, he was an h hotshotst man. After coming to prison, he gave financial ideas to staff and warden that were not legal, but would make them rich. He also made different plans to make the warden a millionaire in just few years.After more than a ten-spot in prison, a new young boy Tommy came to Shawshank. Andy started teaching him. One day Tommy found out the reason for Andys imprisonment, and told him that he had met the real receiver of Andys wife and lover. Andy tried to convince the Warden that Tommy could help him out of the prison. To this warden got afraid that he would get caught for ill practices if Andy was released, so he got Tommy killed.RED Red was a popular and old inmate in Shawshank. He used to smuggle cigarettes, wines bottles, or anything for anyone into the prison. He was a sales man for the prison. He was a swell friend of Andy. He was the one who made Andy get hold of a rock hammer, which helped him in creating a tunnel in the wall.Red lived in Shawshank for 40 years. After every decade, he tried to explain the lawyers that he is a changed man, but to no avail, until 40 years has passed in prison. He was hopeless. But one day, finally he was released.3) When Andy told Warden, Tommys evidence in his favor, and staff ill treated him and kept him in solitary confinement. International standards do not forego the staff to send any prisoner to dark

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