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Internet & Society Essay Example for Free

lucre Society EssayThe human beings is ever-changing and m all new technologies are macrocosm developed continuously. Our daily life is affected by these changes. The changes will become faster in future. Internet is one most important result of changing technologies. It has become a part of our daily life. E real new technology has its own lay outs. Some of them are positive and some may be negative. We should obviate the negative effect. Technology should be used in a positive manner, otherwise it will destroy us. Internet is an amazing creation of the technology. The whole world is affected by it and all people are directly or indirectly related with it.Internet is extremely benefactorful for numerous persons. Students take helper of net for their homework. Investors use internet for the teaching about stocks. Sport fans watch score and statistics. Internet has taken the place of television. Today internet is same as the television in 1940-50s. Internet is more us eful and advantageous than television. But it is not possible for ein truth person to use the internet. Internet also created an effect on the grade media and it is gradually replacing the print media because a magazine or newspaper trick be published at a very low cost on the internet.There is no need of ink and paper on the internet and fewer workers are required. Thats why print media is taking the advantage of internet. Internet is the main reason behind the revolution in edict. Because of the internet, conference between the different countries, societies, communities became possible. Before the internet technology there was no other communication system being so vast to express the ideas and the feelings. Through internet data, voice, and video communication is possible. Mostly people cornerstonecel speaking to unknown person.Internet has proved very useful for such kind of people, because they talk with people without showing their age, looks and class. People find man y friends by means of the internet. Many public sites provide this facility. People can gain many friends through these sites. Many young people are earning money with the help of internet by web designing, game construction, working as a freelance writer. It means internet provides many opportunities for the people. Internet has shrunk the world. Today each country is machine-accessible with another country with the help of internet.People of one country or society are becoming familiar with the culture of another country or society. With the help of internet the people who have knowledge got their position in the society. At present online shopping has become very popular. People are acquire products from their home with the help of the internet. People buy products at low cost from the internet as compare to market because companies can save money of shops and workers in online shopping. United state based company Amazon. com is the best example of online shopping company.Peop le can find each and every thing at tear down cost on this website. In recent years some companies have allowed their employees to work at home with the help of internet because workplace has become very stressful and the pollution also increased in some last years. This is very advantageous because a person can save money and measure by working from home. The Internet provides freedom of speech. The people who dont have courage can convey their ideas with the help of internet without any fear. With the help of internet now people are globally connected.A person can communicate with the person of other part of the word at any time through internet. Now people are connected socially and professionally by the use of internet. Internet is very suitable and affordable strong point of communication. Today we can place an order just by click a scarcelyton. Now we can book hotels, flights and train tickets online. Internet made the communication easy. Now we can communicate with the he lp of e-mail, video conferencing, instant messaging, and Voice over Internet Proxy (VoIP).People can easily get nurture with the help of internet because there is a very huge database on the internet related with each object. People are finding jobs with the help of internet. We can submit many forms online, which saves time. On internet we can decide that which news or information we want to read. Internet is also playing an important component in the field of entertainment. We can play many games and solve puzzles. Songs can be listened online and we can watch videos on internet. There are some forged make also, because of the internet on the society.Pornography is a very bad effect of the internet. Sexual material is easily available on internet and society is accepting this material without hesitation. Because of this interest of the people in sex is increasing day by day. As a result, sex-related crimes are increasing continuously. Because of the internet a lot of jobs have been lost, because a small number of people are required to run a site. Because of the online shopping people do not dedicate their home. This is a reason behind the many diseases such as obesity.Online shopping is not helpful for the local economy because most of these online shopping sites are international. Internet is not always reliable, because there is a risk of breaking the privacy. There is everything is in the form of binary information. On internet we are dependent on others for our privacy. We can not surely protect our information. With the help of data mining our information can be theft. Copyright problem has become a swell problem now days. Identity of a person can be theft with the help of internet.There are many other bad effects of the internet such as meeting with the people whom you met online, giving personal information to a complete stranger, giving wrong information. A person can be easily cheated by the internet. Many terrorists are using internet techno logy for communication by using a wrong address. Child pornography, honorable mention card frauds, espionage, online stalking, kidnappings are some other bad effects of the internet on the society. Now it can be said that it depends on us how internet affects society. Internet can be proved very useful if we use it in a positive direction.Many laws are made for preventing internet crimes, but these crimes are still there. There is a need of enforcement of these laws. Internet can be very useful for the society. It is the best medium of communication and it can be said a good platform for expressing your ideas. There are a lot of changes in the society because of the internet. Internet enhanced the status of the living. Today information and education about the safe use of computer has become very important. There are many disadvantages of the internet, but I think it has really alter our lives.There is a need of education and enforcement of the laws.ReferencesCole J. I. The Impact of the Internet on Our Social,Political and Economic Life. The UCCLA Center for communication Policy. 2000. Cuizon, G. Internet abomination How Does It Affect Our Society?. April 15, 2008. Retrieved February 24, 2009 from http//www. socyberty. com/Crime/Internet-Crime-How-Does-It-Affect-Our-Society. 109754 Nie, N. Study of social Consequences of the Internet. Stanford Institute of the Quantitative Study of Society (SIQSS). 2000. Pros and cons of the Internet in todays society.Retrieved February 24, 2009 from http//www. helium. com/items/779510-pros-and-cons-of-the-internet-in-todays-society Purdy, R. 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