Monday, June 17, 2019

Electron Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Electron - Essay ExampleIn this case, the government took responsibility of oversight, runner through the ministry of finance (Thai 12). The ministry possesses the overall responsibility for procurement systems in the public sector, including the responsibility for monitoring the policys implementation, particularly regarding public expenditure and facilitation of a proper understanding of the governing documentation service-wide. In discharging its responsibilities, the finance ministry carries out routine investigation of operations or activities of various departments and institutions, as well as maintains a reporting system that contains information relating to contract awards and the governing documentation.Additionally, the government monitored and, when necessary, investigated at its discretion the awards and the implementation of all government contracts to ensure that they are impartially awarded (Thai 12). The government too ensures that the contract was awarded on a basi s of merit and that its awarding or termination does not involve irregularity or impropriety. It come on ensures that the contracts implementation conforms to the conditions and terms set out. The contracting officer is charged with advising the awarding of the contract and, where applicable, a variation of government contracts. He also has access to records, books, property and stores belonging to the government. This is true for all premises and property where a government contract is either being executed or in the process of execution.If the contract had been awarded via a sealed bid process, the answer would have been different. This is because the process would have been more competitive and, consequently, the best bid would have won. sloshed bidding is fairer since the providers are not given a chance to appear more efficient or smarter than their competition. This could have happened during the tendering

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