Thursday, June 6, 2019

Talent Essay Example for Free

Talent Essay1759 Nesrin A lot of people audition to talent builds very a couple of(prenominal) of them actually got talent. Manyattend just so they can be on television, even though they get humiliated in front ofthe whole nation. The judges be rude and the audience is yelling depreciating words.People home in the living rooms are also criticizing participants. It is silly what peoplewill do for 5 minutes of fame. And it is astounding that they actually do it. There areactually some of them who believe that they are life-threatening singers, dancers etc. , becausenobody have had the guts to tell them that they truly suck at it. I feel very sorry forthem and I think it is the parents job to tell them, that they should not audition to theshow. It is very irresponsible to let your kids get humiliated in that way.I must not forget that there also are people who audition who are outstanding.Some of them have a really special grant and then the talent shows are good to get peopl econscious about the talent.I think the talent shows are held too often (especially in Denmark), in the states thereare loads of contrastive shows The X-Factor, American Idol, Americas Got Talent etc. Ido not think that talent shows in Denmark should be hold every year, because we aresuch a small a country and it is express how many talents we have got. That is not aproblem in the states, because they are so many people.I think the talent shows have become more and more an entertaining show than ashow with focus on the talents. So when it is held so often over half of the people whotry out have no talent at all. It is very transparent that all the TV-stations care about is themoney and how many viewers they can get.In the United States and the United Kingdom the participants get a lot of publicity,and a lot admire them. People get success, and they keep being successful after manyyears. Some examples are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and One Direction.KellyClarkson won American Id ol in 2002 and is still producing popular music. In Denmarkthe winners are forgotten after a few weeks. That is a shame because they are reallycompetent at performing or recounting or what ever their talent is.In Denmark a new kind of talent show has started. The new thing is that when theperson who tries out is performing, the judges cannot see him. If they want the 1759 Nesrin participant on their team, they press a button. Then, their chairs turn around so theycan see each other. I think that is a very good idea because the first impression formsthe basis of how you regard the person. In this show the first impression is theirvoice. It is aexcellent way to make sure they do not say no to you, just because youare fat, ugly, from an other race or what ever reason they could invent.

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