Saturday, October 19, 2019

Salem witch trials and the crucible Movie Review

Salem witch trials and the crucible - Movie Review Example At the time when the idea of the â€Å"Crucible† was born in 1652, communism and racism had dominated most nations of the West. Towards the end of the 17th Century, the conception of Satanism and healing in God had masked the minds of most inhabitants of the world. This was also the period of great political change and conflicts among the landlords. Coincidentally, this was the century that ushered in the occurrence of the abnormal psychology, in particular, Hysteria. When Salem Witch Trial was first shot in the year 1692, it followed these trends of the ancient world and reflected the contemporary society in that light. During that time, the belief that witches had the supernatural powers to cause adverse harms to the human beings had been spread across the continent of Europe, New England in particular. Besides, the low class Puritan community was still going through a bitter aftermath of the war between France and British which occurred in the year 1689. Tension and trauma was still lingering in the minds of most residents of the ancient Salem village. The British war was not the only cause of fear in thi s solitary village; there was also an outbreak Smallpox which was not readily curable by that time. The lonely villagers of Salem also lived in a persistent fear of the attack from the neighboring communities. For the Salem inhabitants, this really a dark age from which only the extraordinary intervention of God could safely exit them The two movies, Salem Witch Trial and Crucible, were shot during this very time in history when human permittivity and racism formed the basis of life. These two movies vividly portray how witchcraft was alleged and severely punished by the cruel society. In Salem Witch Trial, young children who suffer from hysteria happened to envision very wild imaginations of witchcraft. Their parents, in reaction to these imaginations, point fingers at the suspects before establishing the

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