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Bidding for Event Management

Bidding for Event Management Background/Context Western Australian Football League (WAFL) was first established in 1885 and is based in Perth, Western Australia. WAFL is partnered with the seven network and sponsored by McDonalds. WAFL currently has nine teams competing in a 24 rounds season which commences in March and concludes in September each year. The 2017 grand final will be played on the 23rd September at the Domain in Perth. The celebrity singer proposed to perform four of her most popular songs at the 2017 grand final is the RB and pop singer Jessica Mauboy. Jessica Mauboy will also attending the pre-event activities including meet and greet and promotional events. Jessica Mauboy is one of Australias most successful female artists that rose to fame after competing on the television program Australian Idol. Attendance at WAFL has dropped in recent times however the largest crowd was during the 2010 grand final with 24,638 spectators. Jessica Mauboy popularity will be utilised to not only promote the WAFL but to increase a ttendance of spectators with a maximum capacity of 43,500. The event will be televised on the seven network and broadcast throughout western Australia on several radio stations. Executive Summary The following report indicates on how the event WAFL- Western Australian Football League, will deliver the celebrity performance. The event of music concert will take place in the WAFL stadium only, before and along with the matches. Taking place in Perth on 23rd of September 2017, the WAFL will have a huge amount of spectators. The celebrity will be invited to add an extra buck of fun along with the increase in the number of spectators. The report draws the attention towards the information on who that celebrity is going to be, and all the related tasks those would be included in hiring the celebrity. Along with this, the report includes the information on what is it going to cost to hire the celebrity and conduct the whole event, while taking the safety and quality into considerations. The main problems and their solution will also be discussed in the following report, moreover the further considerations to the risks involved and their ultimate solutions are also included in the report. Along with this information, the report also reflects the detailed information on other minor and sub-projects those are going to be dependent upon this project. The report evaluates every possible aspect related to the event and the event related persons or stakeholders. Objectives The objective of the project is to win the bid for the logistics, event management and coordination for the event at the 2017 WAFL Grand Final. Once achieved, the objective is to organise a smooth-running successful event with Jessica Mauboy performing at the WAFL Grand Final. Another objective is to increase the maximum number of attendance which is within budgets and satisfies all stakeholders needs and expectations. Target Outcomes The target is to sell at least 85% of capacity which is 36,975 tickets sales. This can be measured on the total attendance rate. The target is to meet budgets and success can be measured on the actual expenditure vs. budgeted costs. The goal is to achieve at least 100% satisfaction rate in regards to the entertainment. This goal can be measured through customer surveys and data can be captured from any complaints. How will the success of the project be measured? Customer Satisfaction Within the budget Deliver on time Output(s) Successful and profitable event Excellent time management Planning and executing event in such a way that guest enjoy being at the event Proper management of manpower (to be investigated further) Governance: who is going to be responsible if the event fail? The WAFC attempted a complete audit of its administration techniques to guarantee that best practice frameworks and procedures were consolidated in basic leadership. Commissioners roles and duties Board execution and performance Committees Terms of Reference Delegation of Powers and Authority Approvals HR/Football/Finance Policies Football related contracts and rules register Integrity issues and procedures Review of the WAFC Constitution Key competition has additionally been surveyed and corrected including: WAFL Rules Regulations WAFL Funding Agreement Updating integrity requirements into WAFL and other competitions Reporting Requirements To be investigated Resources TheWestern Australian Football league will be administrated by the not-for-profit association Western Australian Football Commission. The event production company LUX will oversee the artists performance in the WAFL Final. Until 2015 the insurance company AAMI was one of the main sponsors of the WAFL and nowadays McDonalds is the current sponsor of the Western Australian Football league. Supporting the WAFL, McDonalds will sponsor the artists performance. Artists Performance Sponsors: LUX event production company will oversee: Design of the event, which includes marketing. Filming and editing Stage designer. Technical production materials 3 big led screens in the scenario (Left side, right side and behind the artist). Equipment for media server. Operational and controlling lighting system. Sound production. Sound equipment. Microphones. Stage. Backstage (Marquee tent, tables, chairs, sanitary and electrical facilities) Budget Budget To be investigated Stakeholders Communication strategy Objective is to have a transparent and open communication with stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. Communication Plan Six months prior to the event, the event management team will communicate the purpose, objective and share the event management plan with key stakeholders. Direct feedback will be gather from key stakeholders through emails, phone calls and face to face meetings. If required, the project plan will be adjusted or amended to ensure that majority of stakeholders are satisfied and the changes will be communicated. Three months prior to the event the promotional activities will be established and commence through liaising with the marketing sponsors and advertising will be through radio announcements and competitions, and advertisements on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. One month prior to the event, the project team will communicate with key stakeholders on any further changes and how well the marketing campaign is progressing. One week prior to the event, the project team will communicate with the stakeholders the expected attendance numbers and report on the success of the promotional activities. One week after the event, the project team will provide the sponsors with a report on the event and communicate to all stakeholders the overall success of the event. Stakeholders Project Management Team Jessica Mauboy Sony Music Australia Domain Venue Managers Spectators Volunteers Backstage Staff Football Players Makeup Artist/Hair Dresser Sound Engineer Security Sponsors Media Seven Network KIX Country digital 107.3 HFM 91.3 SportsFM 720 ABC Perth ABC Grandstand Digital Fox FM Kix Digital HFM Assumptions and Constraints 2010 WAFL Grand Final was the largest crowd. The final was between Swan Districts and Claremont at Domain Stadium. Celebrity Performance Jessica Mauboy 50K-80K Flights Sydney -Melbourne $439 Melbourne-Sydney $439 Qantas airline Flexible flights Accommodation Length of stay: 6 days (19th September 2017- 24th September 2017) Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne: $760 (5 nights) Food Budget approx.$1500 (6 days) Security MA Security Group Budget: To be investigated. Celebrity Background Second place in Australian Idol I Am World Tour Beyonce and Chris Brown F.A.M.E tour participation. Ricky Martin mentor in The Voice programme Ambassador for the Indigenous Boxing clash event interpreted the Australian Anthem Artists performance songs: Pop a bottle (Fill me up) (Beginning) Burn Inescapable (Youngboyz Mix) Running back ft Flo Rida (Final) WAFL FINAL ATTENDANCE Year Attendance 2009 22,738 2010 24,638 (largest attendance) 2011 15,459 2012 18,612 2013 20,008 2010 WAFL Grand Final was the largest crowd. The final was between Swan Districts and Claremont at Domain Stadium. The total capacity of Domain Stadium is 43500 spectators. The final will be with both or either Swan Districts or Claremont It is expected to overweight the largest attendance in 2010.Jessica Mauboy performance in the grand final will be done to achieve 35,000 spectators. McDonalds and Coca-Cola tickets available in different stores will incentive WAFL grand final sales. Taking approach of the singer boom will be possible achieve attendance goal. Constraints; Budget constraints. Experience and knowledge. Lack of information about past WAFL gran finals. Time for event creation. Major Risks Minimisation Strategies Risk Register Risk Consequences Likelihood Treatments Options/Mitigation Plan Person responsible for implementation Overwhelmed crowd Personal Injury High Permanent volunteers and staff looking after the spectators Western Australian Football Commission Disturbance inside and outside the stadium Personal Injury Low Pre-event, during and post-event police control Western Australian Football Commission Celebrity unable to perform Financial loss and public trust loss Medium Playback due to sickness, performance of another artist due to cancellation. Event board Sound failure Harm to reputation of business community in charge of the sound Medium Sound engineer after and during the event, sound check 2 days after the event, extra sound equipment. Event board Electrical failure Harm to reputation of business community in charge of the electricity Medium Electrical engineer after and during the event, Lights and electricity check 2 days after the event, extra electrical equipment. Event board Communication failure Harm to reputation of business community in charge of the communications Medium Communication staff after and during the event, communication procedures and equipment check 2 days after the event, extra electrical equipment. Event board Extreme weather events. Personal injury and financial loss Low Forecast weather examination prior event. Event board, Western Australian Football Commission Explosion Personal injury and financial loss Low Trained staff able to manage incidents before, during and after the event. Complete evacuation plan approved by the corresponding authorities Western Australian Football Commission Risk Management Event description WAFL Final Date: 23rd September 2017 Time: 2.30pm Venue: Domain Stadium, Perth Location; Perth, Western Australia Running schedule: Colts game kicks: 8.40am Reserves: 11.20am Performance time: 2.00 pm Final league: 2.30pm Issues Management Issues related to the event are to be identified and manage before and at the time of the event. Some of the major issues that should be managed are as follows: Issues related to sponsors Conflicts between staff team Crowd control and security Barriers and concert crowd control Health and safety issues Medical and first aid Restriction on tobacco and smoking during the event Emergency management Management of alcohol Drug related issues Related Projects The following section includes the sub projects those are related to this event in any way. The colts and reserve matches The grand prix finals Guidelines/Standards The main purpose of guidelines is to identify basic standards and measures for organizing an event to satisfy authorities such as government, police department, emergency service organizations and the stakeholders. Guidelines and standards is necessary to satisfy authorities and provide a consistent state-wide approach to event. Quality Control This section of the report will be one of the most important aspect. As this is the only section from where this can be recognized that how efficient the system is going to be designed. The review on how the things are going on so far, would be collected from different sources at different times throughout the whole project. This will allow the managers and event organizers on where they are perfect and where they need to put on more efforts. Basically the quality control is the inspection, testing and checking of the product that we are working on, where the prime moto is to check if something is not okay and then to fix the problems.(Jane Bennett) A few of the sources of these reviews can be: The spectators The event organizers The volunteers The celebrity himself The inspection teams The media Online reviews (Facebook and other social medias) Capturing the lessons Learnt Did we meet the budget? Have we stick to our schedule? Have we had enough time? Actions and decisions taking during the monitoring and controlling stage Is money sufficient Did event run smoothly? Enough Marketing Do we have the right team? Manage Human Resources through KPIs (key performance Indicator) Project Activities and Milestones Project activities and milestones can be divided into 5 phases Phase 1-Pre event approval and application This phase includes all the activities in planning process that enables an event to be held in a safe and proper manner. Approval from the celebrity , sponsors and relevant stakeholders with signed contract Developing a budget The budget should be specific, and include revenue opportunity (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations etc.) as well expenses such as printings, permits, insurance, speakers, food supplies and security. Along with this we also need to plan for the unexpected budget to be on the safer side. Marketing campaign Pre-ticket sales Procurement of necessary equipment Phase 2- Load In This phase includes all the pre event physical activities, delivery and construction of infrastructures and equipment necessary for the event. Setting up a stage, sound systems, lighting systems etc. Arrival of the celebrity Phase 3- Event This phase includes all the aspects from when the crowd starts queuing outside for entry until the last person leaves. Phase 4- Load Out This comprises the breakdown of facilities, clean-up , pack up and departure of the celebrity. Phase 5- Post event reporting An event reporting should be carried out with all the relevant stakeholders. Following the event debrief there should be an evaluation of the event to determine its overall success in terms of minimizing risks and avoiding harm, accidents and disturbances.

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