Sunday, October 6, 2019

Literature review of my research about Dual authority in matrix Essay

Literature review of my research about Dual authority in matrix organization - Essay Example This resulted in the creation of a structure in which a number of employees were working under two heads, the department head or the project manager of the interdisciplinary project team. When this structure was depicted in paper, it was found that the crossing of the organizational lines could be represented in the form of grids or a matrix. Henceforth it was termed as matrix organizations (Kuprenas, 2003, p.1). When it is compared with the other forms of organizational structures, it is viewed as a combination of the traditional hierarchy which is overlaid with some form of lateral authority, influence or communication. The overlay creates a combination of commands, one which is long the functional aspects of the project and another which are along the project lines. Assuming the complexities of the project management in the business world of today, matrix structures are primarily used where the requirement of technical assistance across many different areas are required (Kuprenas, 2003, p.1). This structure is especially preferred in large scale consulting, the construction and the aerospace industry. One of initial and first users of the structures was Bureau of Engineering in the City of Los Angeles. However, certain problems were faced during the implementation of the same (Kuprenas, 2003, p.1). Implementation Challenges of the Matrix structure Research shows that implementation of the matrix structure in any organizational structure is difficult. Implementation of the matrix design in the Bureau of Engineering came with a number of difficulties. The Bureau experienced a number of confusions and conflicts with regards to the responsibilities and roles of the functional manager

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