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Describe slavery in the US especial black women in bondage .use Essay

Describe slavery in the US especial black women in bondage .use annotated bliliography that include primary and secondary source - Essay Example Through the mid-19th century, westward expansion of America, beside with a rising abolition movement in North-America would arouse a long discussion over slavery that could have divided the nation during the American Civil War (1861-65). After the end of this bloody war, though the Union’s victory freed four million slaves of the nation, but the inheritance of slavery sustained to influence the history of America, from the chaotic years of Reconstruction (1865-77) to the movement of civil rights (1960s), that came out a century after the end of slavery. Slavery in America In beginning of the seventeenth century, European colonists of Jamestown Virginia, in North America were the first who turned towards African slaves. (Alexander, and Rucker  55-56) These slaves were considered as a cheaper, extra hard working alternative of indenture servants. ("Slavery and Indentured Servants:Law Library of Congress.") These indenture servants were mostly poorer Europeans. Twenty African m en and women were transported by a Dutch ship to a British colony, slavery stretch all over the American colonies. Although it is not possible to give exact number, it is estimated by some historians that around six to seven million slaves were transported to the New World during the eighteenth century alone, divesting the continent of Africa from large number of its healthy and able men and women. Both men and women slaves experienced an equally devastating time. Both were deprived from a family and land of origin. Together were forced to carry out tough labor, subjected to psychological and physical humiliation, and were also denied of their very basic rights. During slavery these men and women were beaten cruelly, divided from loved ones randomly, and despite of gender, treated as private property in the eyes of the law.   African Women Early on, females slave were available to buyers in the colonies for working on their fields. These female slaves were available lower prices. Actually, skillful labor, like carpentry and blacksmith, was allotted only to men slaves; that further reduced the number of black men available for agriculture work. As an outcome, men were outnumbered in the field by women slaves.   On farms having a small agricultural area, only women slaves were forced to perform labor equal to men slaves. On large farms, field and plantations, work was divided amongst both genders, while male groups were given physically tough tasks. Commonly, men were assigned plowing while women were given hoed task. Motherhood of Enslaved Women Major role of women in Africa was that of mother. While in slavery, this primary role of African womanhood was dishonored. Inside the plantation system of America in the 18th century, women slaves during their pregnancy were considered as an economical advantage for their masters as a number of labor pool are multiplied. (Gilchrist) While in Africa birth of a child brought in respect for these black women. The avera ge age of enslaved woman giving first birth was nineteen years old and afterward, used to give a new birth every two years. As this cycle was advocated by the master, was also benefiting the mother. During pregnancy, she was given more food and lower working hours. She was also no likely to be sold as tested fertility made her more precious for her master Harassing the Dignity of Black Women Black women slaves were expected to

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