Friday, October 18, 2019

Military's last barrier to Equality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Military's last barrier to Equality - Essay Example McSally therefore, justifiably argues that ban on women in combat should be repealed. The author, Martha McSally is a retired Air Force colonel who had led several combat positions and repeatedly proved that women are equal if not better than men in the area hitherto dominated by men. Indeed, many women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have even won silver medal for bravery in the field. They have proved their usefulness in various positions vis-a-vis at checkpoints for searching women and children for weapons, acting as agents under counterinsurgency strategy, going as frontline soldiers to kill enemies etc. But unfortunately, their meritorious actions have yet to be recognized as such in their own country of birth. They are still relegated to areas that are least equipped to exploit their huge potential as a military person in their home country. McSally is absolutely correct when she says that ‘current policy is a legal fiction, which not only degrades combat efficien cy, effectiveness and flexibility but confuses military commanders’. ... Women have not been the isolated cases where gender differences were used to subvert the rights of citizens. In the contemporary environment of sexual freedom, sexual equality has wider implications. The categorization of sexual preferences has resulted in people exhibiting homosexuality, gay or lesbian behavior. Thus, rights of such people have also come under lot of controversy. But recently, allowing homosexuals within the military services, President Obama has succinctly indicated that time for change has become a necessity. He has particularly emphasized that homosexuals’ contribution in military could significantly increase national security. Justice, fairness and equality must be enjoyed by all. But McSally is not impressed because the same has yet to be filtered down to encompass women who are still deprived of coveted positions in many areas of military services. Diversity within the workforce, especially related to sexuality of persons must be included at all levels of services. Equal opportunity has become a ground reality that must cut across gender. The patriarchal society has been the major factor that has consistently denied women their rightful place in the society. Their empowerment therefore, has become a major issue that must be addressed. While the constitution has been amended to facilitate their inclusion and gives them equal opportunities, the court of law has surprisingly been quiet in the matter of American military services where women are openly differentiated. The court’s intervention in the case of homosexuals is a positive step that should greatly influence the decisions of higher hierarchy of military services to ensure that army

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