Thursday, October 31, 2019

No topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 24

No topic - Essay Example Novikov says that there has been a decline in the influence on foreign policy by followers of President Roosevelt’s idea of cooperation among all the peace-loving countries. The United States is said to have a mutual concession with England on the world division. This is because United States regards England as the most competent competitor (Spielvogel 609). On the contrary, Kennan is well convinced and argues that the U.S.S.R is doing all that it can to attain global domination. Kennan says that the process of political consolidation in the U.S.S.R has never been completed, and the Kremlin has been predominantly busy with the struggle to secure and make absolute the power gained in November 1917. By the fact that the Soviet Union has kept power for its own, it is not believable that the country will be able to hand power to anyone else. The Soviet Union is profoundly opposed to the western world and hence makes it rival in the global power domination (Spielvogel 609). Both Novikov and Kennan have argued their thoughts and provided facts on their ideas. In this context, it is Novikov whp has been able to make the best case between the two since his argument is better illustrated with facts. He has provided many accomplished facts as compared to Kennan, and his argument seems more

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