Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Censorship vs Freedom of Speech

Every form of expression should be allowed, even if it is freedom of speech, art, symbol, or any other form recognized by the first amendment. Freedom of speech is freedom given by the Constitutional Bill of Rights. Thanks to these rights, our country and government are as strong and resilient as today. Thanks to these rights, as our country we have been able to develop and expand our vision today. These rights are the foundation and foundation of our country and why our country is separated from all other countries in the world. Freedom of speech review: Children's Internet on the Internet is a very controversial communication device in today's society. If you want, you can find information on almost all the topics they choose. Censorship and freedom of expression are topics that are widely discussed when dealing with current Internet freedom, especially when dealing with young people. On the Internet, do I need to review illegal topics that children can post and view freely? Is the Internet free? Speaking of government, let's see how to freedom of speech. State censorship on the Internet is a common phenomenon that can not be imagined. According to Freedom House 2/3, the Internet users of the world live under government censorship regulation, suppression of speech and thought is increasing. Freelance publishers can only use 13% of the world's population. I will take it for a while. 13% More reports come from the social media platform, the Internet's living room, which is creating a phenomenon called silent spiral. Family, friends, colleagues, and the wider society are different. Atlantic articles reveal the prevalence of self-censorship Freedom of expression and freedom of censorship - What is the pros and cons of having to review the media and the public? What are the terms of the review discussion? Is the censorship system rational or can freely control the voice of the media and the freedom of speech? What is the priority of religious, business and governm ent censorship? Does someone benefit from reviewing information? Is it beneficial for society as a whole? The pros and cons of censorship is worth studying the role of deciphering freedom of speech in society and the role of different types of censorship.

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