Thursday, September 26, 2019

Website portal creation report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Website portal creation report - Assignment Example In recent times,website portal development has set a new platform for new patterns of interaction and communication:new user requirements,goals and behaviors have emerged.In development,eliciting user’s needs must rely on a thorough understanding of the multi-faced context of how users perform their activities This is in order to establish usability requirements and design scenarios for future web portal s (Robertson and James 106). The created webportal is an information source. It is providing an integrated solution for International students where they can get information on accommodation, living environment, courses etc. Basically, it is aiming at equipping a student or guardian with enough information to make the decision to study. For instance, the VISA application procedures are links on the web portal. A desired functionality in a web portal is that it be effective to use. This goal focuses on the ability of the web portal to produce the intended result. Another usabil ity requirement is web portal that is easy to learn and remember how to use. The goal for this is to have a web portal that is easy to use on first hit and one that the users can reestablish proficiency. In addition, a web portal should have good utility and safe to use. The goal here would be to evaluate if the web portal has what the users wants. Web Portal Design The webportal has been designed as an online application and is accessed by use of a browser. It is compatible with Mozilla 3.5, Internet Explorer 7.0, Opera browser, Apple safari and later versions. It has a functionality that it provides and for this it provides pages with the concept of user interaction. The portal offers information to students, international and deals with all student affairs such as accommodation and living. The website has been developed using several supporting technologies, such as HTML and CSS. Choice of color brought harmony to the content displayed. In addition, there were concept graphics th at represented different ideas on student programs and how they could obtain information. The intuitive design guided by user interface principles aimed at giving the user little to think about and make everything appear usual. The portal’s success depends on a clear, concise and balanced arrangement of the information using the basic tools of design: editorial format, typography and programming technique. Using a simple visual design which clearly states what the organization is about is important to the browsers visiting the site. The website is pleasing in the sense that colors complement one another. This website intent and purpose provides information to the users. The first requirement is a visually attractive site that creates a good first impression. This has a memorable URL, full view of the home screen, contacts and short download time. Additionally, this website should demonstrate use of technology by having advanced functionality that can allow user interaction an d overall design experience. The navigation and structure of the website should be simple and straight forward with neat content organization. I recommend including attractors in the website, this will keep the user coming back to the website. The attractors are features like newsletters, career options, polls etc. Evaluation Techniques: Justification of the interface choice There are a number of evaluation techniques that can be applied to test usability and functionality of the web portal. These techniques evaluate the design and implementation and the goal is to access the extent of the web portal functionality (Bevan 15). They also access the interface effect on the specific problem. For this web portal, I would

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