Sunday, September 8, 2019

IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING - Essay Example Many protesters on the West Coast are starting to form a general game plan that protesters on the East Coast have not done. They are shutting down ports owned by large financial firms such as Goldman Sachs. These are the real firms that the protestors are trying to harm. Alliances with some labor groups have put the protestors in a position of power. Some sociologists see this as a recipe for increasingly militant protests in the coming months up and down the West Coast. I rally liked this article because it was very informative and answered questions that I had about the Occupy Wall Street movement on the West Coast. I did not understand why so many people showed up to shut down the Port of Oakland. As far as I was concerned, that wasn’t hurting anyone other than the men and women working at the dock. They surely didn’t get paid for that missed day of work. I now realize that it was actually a part of a plan between the protestors and the workers on the docks. This article is an important one because it confirms how I feel about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I do not think it is going to go away. Something is sure to happen eventually that will motivate more people to get out in the street or to elect different sorts of people to government in Washington DC and in state governments all over America. I believe in this movement and would like to see the rules that favor the richest Americans changed so everyone can have a better chance at moving up in life. These are some of the issues that will define my generation. How we handle ourselves at this point in time is very critical, because if this Occupy Wall Street movement fails or fades away, then that will embolden the richest Americans even more. I felt that the authors Wholsen and Collins did a great job with this story. It was a fair, unbiased

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