Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fast Food the Unhealthy Road Taken Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Fast Food the Unhealthy Road Taken - Essay Example This is a clear indication that most people  consume  fast foods (Knechtges 2011). Currently, it is true that most people are  busy  due to  commitment  with many responsibilities. As a result, time spent while cooking food has reduced drastically. Therefore, the only option that is convenient  to the majority is the use of fast foods. This has enabled t fast food industry to be successful in recent years. Moreover, the industry’s ability to deliver a consistent quality of food in a large geographical area, and at a fair price has contributed significantly to its growth. Frequent users, of fast foods state that they  like  taking them because of  limited  time that does not  allow  them to  move long distances in search for alternatives. However, one of the most  essential  issues that most people forget concerning fast foods is their lack of  nutrition  value. Considering there are families, who depend entirely  on fast foods throughout t he day without worrying about the nutritional value or the long-term impacts of fast foods on an  individual’s health. One of the main  impacts  related with fast foods is that it makes one  overweight  i.e. obese. This is so because fast foods have  low  fiber concentration, high concentration of carbohydrates, and high level of fat  concentration. These are the elements or characteristics making people consuming fast foods to put on weight.  According to research, it is clear that, most countries where  fast  foods  are highly consumed, majority  of  the population are overweight or obese.  In addition,  most of the  young population  ends up becoming obese or overweight. Over time, obesity or overweight leads to other health problems especially of the heart.... This essay approves that people who prefer to go for a high proportion that may not be healthy instead of considering a healthy and reasonable amount end up endangering their lives. Recently, there has been negative publicity about fast foods. As a result, people have come up with alternatives to solve negative issues associated with fast foods. In addition, the fast foods restaurants have incorporated fruit juice, fruits, and salads alongside the meals or foods sold in their restaurants. A majority of health foundations has approved this because their intention is to ensure that customers consume a balanced and nutritious diet. However, despite attempts to offer a balanced diet, prices charged are high compared to those charged for the unhealthy options such as fast foods. As a result, majority of customers does not consider buying them, but instead prefer the unhealthy option. In most cases, due to the addictive nature of unhealthy foods, young children are enticed to make unhealth y choices. This report makes a conclusion that regular consumption of fast foods leads to significant health hazards. Although people are aware of this fact, incorporating change in their eating habits is not an easy task. Consequently, it is essential to commence change; it is essential to start with basic changes such as a reduction of the frequency of fast food consumption. Instead, people should focus on consumption of home cooked foods that have plenty of vegetables, fruits, and fresh foods. This way, cases of obesity or overweight will reduce. In cases of children, parents should encourage them to take fruits instead of fast foods thus reducing chances of overweight by the under age population.

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