Friday, September 27, 2019

Reflection assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reflection assignment - Essay Example The basic introduction in unit I was perfect since it forms a stepping stone to unit II that involved research. At this point it, the knowledge acquired in unit I help in determining and drafting the requirements of Unit II. Therefore, it is worth noting that Unit I improved my critical thinking that led me to effective selection of research topic. Despite looking into varied areas to research on, my concerns were on the topic that was of the public concern and interest. Hence, I decided to settle on effects on smoking to the all involved parties including first hand smokers, second hand or perceive smokers, families of smoker, and the society. My concern in this step was whether my research question will be approved or not. Fortunately, it was approved and the task afterwards was to carry out relevant and thorough research on the selected topic. The Unit III and IV were good ventures in teaching and perfecting both research and writing skills. Moreover, from these units, I learned h ow to search for resources in completing my work. Different resources are usually available for every research topic, but the most important thing is to select resources that will help in accomplishing or answering research questions effectively. Therefore, the book or article reviews that were learnt in this class are effective and necessary research tools that this class offered me. Moreover, different examples that were used during these class sessions were directly productive in compiling all the relevant materials in writing the final paper as per Unit IV. Additionally, the peer review section or the Unit III is a good unit since it leads to appreciation of other people’s work. It also makes students to learn from each other. The unit gave me an opportunity to know what other students’ interests were and how they intended to contribute to their topics towards answering the research questions. Moreover, the unit also helped me to understand and appreciate other peo ple’s work on my research topic and helped to determine how I would complete my assignment using their contributions on my topic area. The translation project was a perfect lesion that taught me how to read and comprehend. Comprehending other people’s ideas in any form usually leads to deeper understanding to their contributions. After understanding the same, it becomes easier to use their ideas in different ways to achieve certain goals or towards answering question involved around such understanding. For instance, the translation project that led to the understanding of each student’s topic area made use (students) to provide different translation of each student’s topic or research question. Additionally, translation topic helped to paraphrase other people’s work as I appreciate their contribution to their work. The translational topic also made me to appreciate other students and helped know that people have different personalities. For instanc e, some students have same concerned but presented them in different and varied way. This really opened mind and since then I have remained opened minded never to look or consider a problem or solution on only one end buy giving the same different understandings. Finally, it is worth noting that Unit IV is the most vital for all other lower Units since all other units are based on completing Unit IV effectively and qualitatively. This topic unit led

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