Monday, September 16, 2019

Physical Changes on a Flower

[pic] The Stages of a Flower from Seed to Bloom (The process by which flowers changed physically) It usually takes at least seven weeks for a flower propagated from a seed to bloom. The growth and development of flowers occurs over several weeks from the germination of seeds planted in the ground to the time in which flowers bloom. The entire process happens in about five stages for most flowers. Although different flower species have various bloom periods, the general growth and development process is basically the same for all flowers.Moderate variations in the length of time of certain stages may differ by flower species. Stage 1: Days 1 Through 5 The seed begins the germination process soon after being planted. During day 3 of the initial growth and development stage, imbibition starts whereby the dry seed takes in water from the ground. Shortly after this occurs, the radical (root) emerges from the seed coat on or about day 4. On day 5, the radical begins to extend and develops a root system at one end and a stem at the other end.The stem starts the process of making its way upward and eventually past the soil's surface. Stage 2: Days 6 Through 26 Stage 2 is the stage in which a flower's leaves develop. Leaf development usually begins on day 6 and continues to day 26. Leaves begin as tiny rosettes (leaf buds). As the stem begins growing leaves, the development of a flower's primary root structure also culminates usually sometime after day 14. Even though leaf growth does not officially happen until stage 3, the first leaf buds may begin growing after day 18 and continue until day 26. Stage 3: Days 19 Through 30Slight leaf growth overlap exists between stages 2 and 3 to account for the time period in which the initial leaf buds embark on growth. However, stage 3 officially marks the entire leaf growth period. During this stage all of the leaf buds grow until each one reaches full maturity at about day 29. It's also possible for stage 4 to begin during the l atter part (day 26) of the leaf growth stage. Stage 4: Day 26 Day 26 is the day in which most flowers experience inflorescence emergence. In other words, flower buds start appearing on the stem, signifying stage 4 of development.It often occurs toward the end of stage 3 leaf growth; however, it is treated as a separate stage, because the period indicates the growth and development exclusively of flowers. Stage 5: Days 31 Through 49 Stage 5 commences the flower production phase. On approximately day 31, the first flower bud opens. Additional flower buds continue opening throughout a roughly 18-day bloom period until day 49 at which point flower production typically ends. Why some chemical changes are important? Without chemical reactions, chemical processes and chemical changes could not occur.Without chemical processes, life is not possible. Anything alive is alive (at least in part, if not in sum) because of the biochemical processes going on in the organism. No chemistry equals no life. All living things are (without exception) biochemical mechanisms or biochemical machines. [pic]References:1. The Stages of a Flower From Seed to Bloom | eHow. com  http://www. ehow. com/list_7576728_stages-flower-seed-bloom. html#ixzz2BpA87y462. http://wiki. answers. com/ Q/ Why_ are_ chemical_ reactions_ important_ in_ living_ things3. http://www. oogle. com. ph /imgres? um=1&hl= fil&biw= 1024&bih =505&tbm= isch&tbnid= ZAM01aVdTEe4zM :&imgrefurl= http://www. usnon. com/ incidence- of-hypertrophic -scars- physiology -of-vitamin -d-3. htm &docid =k3rsn FHNOJIXuM&imgurl = http://www. usnon. com/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2009/1 0/ Figure

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