Saturday, May 18, 2019

Soc Theory Paper

it is always the doctors patient This paper forget be discussing the struggle of affiliate wellness practitioners to achieve professional status. This wellness issue can be discussed under many different sociological theories however Feminism in particular sociological/ bolshie feminism with touching on post modern feminism also, shows great understanding around the health issues and gives an understanding of the way of health and health care in Australia.It explains how medical dominance in this sector overrights the confederative health professional through subordination the allied health professionals being under calculate authority of doctors in the hospital system in particular. Feminism also shows that in this field Allied health practioners are predominantly woman and medical professionals bobby pin a patriarchy over allied health and the sexual division of the two. Finally closing point of how many womens health issues in sometime(prenominal) and present are again pre dominantly male. checkup dominance, the professional dominance of medicine due to doctors (Fridson 1970). Allied health profressionals struggle to receive professional status in the health industry, due to the fact that doctors and medical professionals hold dominance and power over those knowledge based practioners in an area of a specific field. Medical dominance has a few areas in which it exerts statement, subordination being a key area, it ensures some health care workers Eg Nurses, OTs etc all to work under direct authority of doctors, especially in hospital system (Willis 2004).Sociological feminism looks at the ruling chassis system, Medical professionals hold the hiearchy position or the fastness class level with higher wealth, income funding and power, Allied health is placed in the lower class or the working class due to the fact that they are controlled or dominated by the upper class or the hiarchy or the industry, as they receive less funding and have little contro l over receiving their patients due to the fact that doctors write the referrals for the clients to admission the allied health professionals.Another issues amoungst allied health in the power struggle with medical dominance is the fact that most allied health positions are fill up with females. Because of the informal role of woman was to be the carer ( Germov 2009), a woman is seen to this begun woman gaining positions as nurses or midwives, as these are seen as caring roles or womens jobs which then progessed to woman expanding into allied health positions as the access of education became greater to woman,

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