Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Passion in Writing for a Purpose :: essays research papers fc

Passion in writing for a PurposeWhen analyzing a written text there are a couple of things to look at. Does the author validate what they are writing? This question can be asked in tramp to figure out the different qualities of the essay itself. How does the author relay the massage? This is another question that can be asked from this analysis. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. explains his center very sympathizeably in his text, The World House. Dr. King provides a lot of information to back his ideas and main thesis. He uses examples when he describes what he wants you to know. He is able to relay his message to the proper audience, which happens to be everyone in the world, but specifically to the African American community when he wrote the piece. He is able to set the tone and keep it from the theme to the end. Dr. King is able to use audience, tone and language to relay his message.A family unduly separated in ideas, culture, and interest, who, because we can never again sou nd apart, must(prenominal) learn somehow to live with each other in peace.(King, 338) The key here is to live with the people around you no matter what the differences between the people are. Whether the people in the house are of all different religions, cultures, ethnicities, and sexes, they must all be able to live together because they can not live without each other. He then mentions a citing from the Bible, where Moses is trying to free his people. Let my people go, says Moses, towards the pharaoh. (King, 340) This quote relates to his thesis and why he is writing this essay. Moses says this in hostel to let his people be free to live with everyone else and to be treated equal just like Keeno 2everyone else was at the time. It was their God given theatrical role to be able to be free without restraints. He says that we shall all be able to live together because we are supposed to. This is effective for his audience to understand because they know the Bible. Also, he is a pr eacher so they know that it comes from a credible source when he writes. It is an effective way to quote from the Bible in this case in order to show how he lives his life but even further to explain the power which comes from within him.

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