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Setting up Bibliographies, Reference Lists, and Citations :: essays research papers fc

Setting up Bibliographies, Reference Lists, and CitationsThe following explanations from the American Psychological Association will steer you in setting up bibliographies, contactence magnetic dips, and citations in the text of your work. If you argon accustomed to using another style sheet, you will find some collision differences between APA style and the others with which you may be familiar. Most notably, in the APA style sheet, capitalization in the denomination of an article or of a book follows the kindred rules as capitalization in a common sentence. According to most other style sheets, each important rule in any title should be capitalized. In APA style, capitalization of each important word applies only to titles of journals.The following definitions ar in keeping with APA styleA reference list appears on a separate page at the end of an article. Titled "References," it documents books and articles actually used in the preparation of an article or essay and provides the education necessary to identify and retrieve each blood. The writer should include only the sources that were used in the research and preparation of the article.A bibliography cites works for background or for further reading. Often a bibliography is annotated that is, it includes a brief objective description of the article or book.A reference citation in text, in sense of taste to footnotes, briefly identifies the source of information for readers, and enables readers to locate the source in the alphabetical reference list at the end of the article. Content footnotes are discouraged because they are distracting to the reader, and because important information merits inclusion in the text.Citing References in the Body of the Paper *Each time you quote a source directly, paraphrase an idea, or refer to something that another person said or wrote, identify the original source by inserting the authors last name and the date within the text of your paper. Each source you cite must also appear in the reference list at the end of your paper.These arguments against standardized education (Duckworth, 1986) explore science as a process of discovery.Give page numbers for direct quotations. Note that any sentence punctuation comes after the closing parenthesis.As Dewey (1938) noted, the educational continuum was united by this "connectedness in growth" (p.75).If the authors name is used in the text, only the date needs to be inside parentheses. When both the author and the date are used in the citation, separate them with a comma.

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