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Interview Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Interview Analysis - Essay Example Its curriculum gives students an education that is generally broad with in depth studies to support a student’s professional and personal growth. Its staff, including the interviewee, is highly qualified academics who are experienced in the US higher education style (American University of Kuwait 1). Â   Amer El-Assad Ali is an employee of the American University of Kuwait who was the interviewee for this interview. The interview was carried out at the university using a tape recorder. The interviewee was asked about his experiences before he joined the American University of Kuwait, where he used to work, and how his job was like. The interview was meant as part of a set of interviews that sought to get information on current and past employees at the American University of Kuwait with regards to their experiences, how working at AKU was of benefit to them, and how they benefited the University. The interview took place at the university and lasted for approximately one hour and twelve minutes. The interviewee was quite candid about his experiences at AKU and gave us deep insight into the formation of various administrative departments at the university. Â   Amer began by telling us about his experiences prior to joining the university where he worked at the Central Mall Plaza as an advertising agent. They were forced to close shop because of the Iraq War in 2003 due to reduced business, which left him looking for work. At around this time, he met Emal Hassan, who was the founding HR director of the new start up university, AUK. While his background was in marketing and advertising, this department was not at AUK yet, and Emal told him to apply and see what happened. His only experience working at a university at the time was in student affairs at his former university, which helped since they were looking for people with experience at university level. At this point, he applied for the position of HR coordinator, got an interview with Dr. Shaffie Kab ra, and got the job. After gaining experience at AUK for a year, he again applied for a job in the marketing department and got the job, which he still works in. His experience at Human Resources was almost pioneering at the university since the department was new. He contends that he learnt about HR working in this department, which was easy as most of the work here was about the administration with compilation of CVs and contacting personnel who are willing to work in the faculty positions. However, his best experiences at HR at the time had to do with the interview process, although the routine process like database management did not appeal to him, especially because of his marketing, design, and advertising base. At this point, his previous director recruited him at HR to work on a few designs at her advertising agency, for example, with the faculty fact book and how the faculty would be received into the campus in order for them to get a feel of Kuwait, especially since some w ere from outside Kuwait. By making Kuwait appealing to incoming staff, despite the Iraq war, this helped her to get the job in marketing, as well. While she was not very comfortable working in HR, he was proud that he left a mark on the department since the forms used still had some of her designs. Leaving

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