Sunday, August 11, 2019

History- Modern latin america Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History- Modern latin america - Essay Example It gives a spine chilling experience about disappearance of victims and resistance organized by their mothers and relatives in Argentina. The military rulers in the country followed the Nazis ideology or the doctrine of night and fog developed by Adolph Hitler. The doctrine of national security was the new name of brutal law used exclusively for secret kidnapping and detention and murder in the country. The rulers followed the strategy of doing all these acts secretly. The kidnapping was done without much publicity, and detention and subsequent killing were made at secret centers only known to the military. The families of the victims were terrorized through these acts and they feared of complaining because of the fact that complainants would be the next victims. Therefore there was a silence from the relatives of victims which otherwise made them in a situation to kill themselves. The vanishing created terror within the population, but without finding the bodies, no one could be bla med. Silence increased the atmosphere of terror as well as hopelessness. It placed a cruel burden on the families of the disappeared. Moreover they were made to feel in some sense responsible. It became one of the more subtle and complex mechanisms of torture for the relatives.

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