Thursday, August 8, 2019

Enlightening English Language Learners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Enlightening English Language Learners - Essay Example As the study stresses  lack of resources is a constant challenge cited especially in the midst of budget cuts and the current financial recession we are recovering from. In practice, English Language Learners need additional funding in order to make it possible to provide a numerous facilities to ensure students are successful in learning the English Language. To this end, it has been observed that additional funding has been allocated. The funding formula is complex and is based on composite calculations. Simplistically, every English Language Learner receives, approximately, an additional allocation of $3,300 per year.From this paper it is clear that  some important factors seldom discussed in educational programs for English Language Learners are the lack of knowledge about how to educate them effectively, lack of teachers licensed for the teaching of ESL, lack of content that teachers prepared to educate newcomers, and the lack of understanding of how a second language is lea rnt. The educators are a product of educational institutions that fail to prepare teachers to educate urban students and in particular, English Language Learners. This becomes the root cause of ineffective current program implementation within our schools.  This could be interpreted as a knowledge gap ranging from the teacher to the administrator, resulting in the inability to successfully teach the English Language Learners.

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