Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Taybeh Brewing Company Free Essays

†¢Joint venture with Jordan †¢Sales promotion such as T- shirts, pens, caps †¢Beer festival †¢Sponsor a local team †¢Organize camps for people. TBC can make a joint venture with a company in Jordan, as that would bring down the import tax considerably. This way it can enter the Jordan market with lower prices and higher profits. We will write a custom essay sample on Taybeh Brewing Company or any similar topic only for you Order Now To improve the sales within Palestine, it can market its product by distributing sales promotion items such as bottle openers, t- shirts, caps, pens and so. This marketing skill would not cost a lot to the company but is very effective. The beer festival â€Å" oktoberfest† is celebrated in Palestine by TBC. This should be continued for a lot of years ahead and all the local people and tourists should be given free beer. This way it will become a tradition in few years and TBC will have a lasting impression in everyone’s mind TBC can also be the sponsor for a local sports team. As for me in UK all I know about Aon is only through MANU. A lot of people get attracted towards sporting events and thereby this should help the company in a good way if they have their name up on one of the local teams. Palestine is a developing country and lot of riots have been happening in the country from few years. If the camps are organised for the needy people where basic requirements such as food and shelter are provided then it would help build public relations. How to cite Taybeh Brewing Company, Papers

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