Monday, November 4, 2019

A good leader Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A good leader - Research Paper Example Later in his adulthood, Lincoln moved to Illinois where he undertook various jobs including that of a postmaster, shopkeeper and surveyor. He joined politics, serving the Illinois legislature between 1834 and 1836, and later becoming an attorney. Lincoln married Mary Todd in 1842 with whom they raised four sons (White 9). In the 1850s, Lincoln went back to politics at a time of great concern over slavery in America. Leading the Republican Party, Lincoln was considered as being politically moderate. Though he lost the senatorial race in 1858, he stood out as a strong politician. In 1860, he won the presidency by about 400,000 popular votes, also carrying the Electoral College. He was re-elected into presidency in 1864 where he encouraged Southerners to drop their weapons and join in a reunion. An actor, John Wikes Booth, assassinated Lincoln on the Good Friday of 1865 because he thought that the president was helping the South (Keneally 17). The life of Lincoln in general inspires the recognition of a good leader in him. First, Abraham Lincoln was a people’s champion who preferred sharing first hand in the experiences of his people. In his four-year tenure as the president, Lincoln had most of his time spent with the troops. As insinuated by Drehle, he appreciated them as the people who would get the job done (113). His involvement ensured that he timely gained critical information to make appropriate decisions. He would meet with cabinet members and generals, not just in their offices, but also at their homes and the field so as to provide leadership and direction. This enabled him to build strong alliances which proved beneficial at both professional and personal level. This trait is also observed during his service as a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, earning him the â€Å"natural wanderer† tag because he sought information and facts pertinent to the cases he

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